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Our Culture

Life at Circle is fast-paced and collaborative, a place where people love to work.

We provide our people with learning and development opportunities, freedom and the support needed to achieve their very best.

The wellness of our people is important to us, so we regularly check how we are doing. We are proud to be in Peakon's top 25% of companies globally for satisfaction at work.

Our culture plays a large part in this success and is focused on four key areas.

Reward & Recognition

Our people work hard to keep our clients happy, and we make sure they get rewarded for it. We have a wide range of benefits to make sure everybody has something to smile about.

Health & wellbeing

We’re committed to supporting our people’s mental and physical wellbeing while they’re at work and in their personal lives. We’re proud to have built an incredibly supportive company culture and workplace environment. In addition to our comprehensive benefits package, our health and wellbeing program includes:

  • Mental health awareness events
  • Guidance on nutrition and health
  • Access to financial and legal advice
  • Counselling

Social responsibility

Where we work is a huge part of how we work. We’re committed to ensuring the work we do at Circle drives social development. We have a real responsibility to positively impact the lives of our people, clients, partners and the local communities

Initiatives we support

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