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Hodge Bank

Set up in 1965 under Hodge Lifetime (a business dedicated to the retirement market), and later as a bank in 1987, Hodge Bank has built a reputation as being a highly trusted as a lender and as a savings bank.

The Hodge Foundation, a charity supporting the welfare, medical, academic and educational areas owns 79% of Hodge Bank. Therefore by helping customers to achieve their goals, they are also helping good causes.

Hodge Bank sought to achieve some key outcomes from their solution with Circle.

  • A single solution for all IT needs
  • Improved user experience and enhanced security
  • An agile and scalable IT solution
  • Enhanced collaboration between team members
  • Greater transparency with reports & feature-rich content

The challenge

Hodge Bank sought to modernise their technology and, in turn, their working practices to increase efficiency within the workplace and improve collaboration between team members. To ensure their security measures were as solid as possible, they also wanted to build in additional security to enhance existing measures. At the time, Hodge Bank was working across various technology systems as well as a variety of services and features. While Office 365 was in use, it was not being used to its full potential.

After our initial consultation sessions with Hodge Bank, we were able to understand their current technology landscape. We then undertook a Modern Workplace assessment, where key stakeholders were interviewed, and enlightenment sessions were delivered to demonstrate viable solutions. It was decided that by utilising the full potential of Office 365 we could consolidate all systems in one place to create a more secure, seamless, scalable and fully collaborative environment.

Following the assessment, we presented a strategy document that provided a timeline for the adoption of services as well as costs for the capital and operational outlays.

A digital transformation project was undertaken, including an overhaul of the existing technologies and collaboration tools in use across the bank. Third-party products, including device management, spam filtering and security were all consolidated and enhanced into a single platform under the Microsoft 365 suite of services.

This enabled Hodge Bank to create more dynamic and streamlined internal processes and as a result, helped them to deliver a more efficient service for customers. A noticeable difference was the effect on the capabilities of the support team. With the upgraded technology, they are now able to get devices rolled out quickly, maintain remote updates and ensure security for remote workers. All of these have proved vital in the recent months of working from home, enabling the organisation to deliver business as usual services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Training and deployment was provided in conjunction with on-site IT personnel, helping Hodge Bank to move forward effectively and independently.

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