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Rhondda Housing Association

Rhondda Housing Association is a non-profit organisation that offers high-quality, sustainable housing, support and regeneration solutions for communities.

The Challenge

Rhondda Housing Association has a long-standing relationship with Circle, and knew that they would have the experience and expertise to advise them on how they should expand data protection to more servers.

Previously their business critical IT systems were present in seven VM services and protected by Kaseya Backup and Disaster Recovery (BUDR), but their new system needed four servers rather than just one. These new developments also provided the opportunity to extend their data protection to systems like local intranet, the IT Helpdesk system and additional application servers for upgrades and new projects.

This meant that Rhondda Housing Association needed to find protection for 32 VM services instead of 7. This increase meant that it would substantially affect the costs from their BUDR licence and could prove difficult to fund with their strict budgetary constraints. Consequently they needed a solution which would involve a more cost-effective backup.

Critical Success Factors

  • Needed a more cost-effective backup and recovery solution
  • Had to be flexible and easy to use
  • Data protection that could be extended to non-critical systems

The Solution

As their trusted IT supplier, Circle recommended that the best solution would be Quest Rapid Recovery, as this is the backup and recovery care that is used for Circle’s own internal backups.

Quest Rapid Recovery was a great fit for Rhondda Housing Association’s challenge because it is an all in one backup, replication and recovery software solution for virtual, physical and cloud environments. It is also easy to use and ensures business continuity as its flexibility means that it can restore accidentally deleted files and other data, as well as maintaining a near real-time virtual replica of the system.

The icing on the cake is that Rapid Recovery is also excellent value for money as it is able to protect four times as many servers as Rhondda Housing Association’s previous backup provider.

Solution Highlights

  • All in one, easy to use software solution for virtual, physical and cloud environments
  • Reduces backup windows and storage requirements
  • Accidentally deleted files and other data can be recovered
  • Near real-time virtual replica in case of an emergency

The Benefits

Since Rhondda Housing Association made the decision to switch to Rapid Recoverythey have experienced a variety of benefits, including an extremely reliable and simple backup and recovery service. Importantly, they have also managed to pay less with Rapid Recovery, as previously they were paying £1200 per month for 7 servers and now that cost has been reduced to £900 for 32 servers.

At A Glance

  • Protecting 32 servers for less money than when they were protecting 7.
  • Saving £3,600 a year
  • Backups are faster and take 55% less storage
  • Server recovery time down 99% from 6 hours to 3 minutes

When we saw its wizard-based approach, we knew Rapid Recovery would be an incredibly straightforward solution to use. Plus, its costing model made it excellent value for money. We really didn’t need to consider any other solutions.

Nigel Lee, ICT Manager, Rhondda Housing Association

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