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The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

RCSEd is a global network of medical professionals with memberships approaching 26,000 of those who live and work in more than 100 countries around the world. The primary role of the College is to help ensure the safety of patients and provide them with the best possible care. The RCSEd provides courses and educational programmes, training, examinations and continuous professional development. They champion the highest standards of surgical and dental standards.

The RCSEd were looking to become more agile as an organisation and to utilise collaborative technologies at the same time as enhancing their overall security.

  • Increased collaboration for internal staff and with external stakeholders
  • Flexibility to work securely off-premises
  • Increased security and privacy to protect the business information assets of all our constituents including our Fellows and members.
  • Utilise toolsets for improved communication
  • Enable the organisation to be more agile, dynamic and confident in its approach to strategic opportunities and operational challenges

The challenge

We partnered with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh as they had a forthcoming deadline for renewing their Microsoft License Agreement. The RCSEd were looking to become more agile as an organisation, wanting to utilise collaborative technologies whilst enhancing their security. An assessment of their existing environment was requested to understand how this could be achieved.

Upon investigation, we found that there were a number of areas that would benefit from the implementation of a more efficient cloud-based system. Their set up didn’t offer much opportunity for collaboration due to a lack of tools and the ability to access work-based files remotely was limited. So, they were restricted to where and when they could work. In assessing their current IT infrastructure, the potential to upgrade to a more modern solution which would enhance their security and minimise the risk of security breaches was identified.

The Circle approach

To understand how we could improve efficiency for the RCSEd, we began by performing a modern workplace assessment. As part of this process, we worked with the College to demonstrate the benefits of consolidating different types of technology onto one single platform.

Working closely with key members of the College, we carried out interviews to understand how the existing IT infrastructure was being used and what the RCSEd team felt the limitations of the current systems were. Once the sessions were completed, a subsequent report was created to show the findings of the assessment.

The College opted to implement the Microsoft 365 technology platform and licensing model. By adopting a methodical approach to the implementation and working to achievable deadlines alongside the RCSEd team, the solutions were successfully deployed across the organisation.

The outcome

The initial modern workplace interviews that we carried out allowed us to better explain and illustrate the proposed technologies. We were able to describe how RCSEd could streamline their processes, utilise modern technologies and become a more agile and secure organisation.

We carried through several solutions to help assist the College with the areas identified, including the implementation of Microsoft 365 Azure AD integration, Office 365 Security Hardening, Microsoft Teams, InTune and migration from ‘On-prem’ Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Exchange Online.

The RCSEd are now better equipped to work more effectively, flexibly and collaboratively whilst being able to ensure they meet the requirements of their internal and external stakeholders a well as their constituents, including their Fellows and members.

Their improved security now further mitigates the risk of breaches, ensuring personal and private information is kept as secure as possible. High-quality communication and collaboration is integral to the service that the RCSEd provides and transferring to a secure cloud-based system has delivered vast improvements in this area for them.

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