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How effective are your processes at identifying threats and protecting your organisation from them? Get a full evaluation of your organisation's IT systems to assess whether there are any vulnerabilities.

Full security audit from £3995.

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Why carry out a cyber-security audit?

What are your biggest risks and where should you focus your efforts? The cyber audit is a gap analysis and risk assessment that utilises cyber-security best practices and recognised cyber frameworks to answer these questions surrounding your existing security.

The goal of the audit is to provide a view of your current security posture with an objective review. It provides an in-depth review of your organisation’s ability to protect it's information assets and its preparedness against cyber threats. The audit will also help your organisation develop a strategic plan to strengthen security efforts moving forward. From your audit, you will get:

• An executive summary with analysis and scorecard
• A roadmap for your organisation
• Key tactical and strategic recommendations
• Identified gaps and focus areas
• A detailed report to help the management of any technical issues identified

Looking for the right level of security?

We offer a range of security packages to suit every organisation. Read about our security packages in our brochure.

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Our Award-Winning Cyber-Security Partner

Wolfberry aims to protect you and your organisation from all different types of cyber-security risks, both internal and external. They provide a full range of services to help you preserve your cyber-security both now and in the future. Benefit from independent security audits, cyber essentials accreditations, penetration testing and a 24x7 managed Security Operations Centre.