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Securing Higher and Further Education

Colleges and universities across the globe are facing new and increased security challenges brought by the global pandemic. Circle and SonicWall are able to provide cost-effective solutions to solve these challenges.

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New World. New Challenges.

Both higher and further education institutions across the globe are facing new challenges, having to securely connect faculty and students remotely. With education now needing to be accessible from any location at any time, it’s more critical than ever to consider the safety and security of students and faculty members. Remote learning is here for the foreseeable, so creating a secure infrastructure to support this is vital.

Circle and SonicWall have been securing leading colleges and universities in the UK for over 20 years. More recently, working closely with customers as they build the infrastructure that will support distance learning. With solutions designed for networks of all sizes, Circle and SonicWall can develop a solution to meet your specific security and usability needs, all at a cost that will protect your budget whilst securing your network.

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3 key security strategies for safe, remote access

1. Protecting the perimeter

There’s now more to consider when securing students, faculty and data, however, the firewall remains fundamental to your cyber-security. SonicWall next-generation firewalls (NGFW) provide the security, control and visibility you need to maintain effective cybersecurity. The award-winning hardware and advanced technology are built into each firewall to give you the edge on evolving threats. To help you choose the right NGFW, SonicWall has created a buyers guide to help you decide. Evaluate choices based on several criteria including features, platform capabilities, performance, and management.

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2. Securing cloud access

To facilitate blended learning, there has been a huge increase in the usage of SaaS applications. Students and faculty commonly use file-sharing services such as Google that typically aren't covered by network security infrastructure. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) can be used as an added layer of protection for sensitive information stored and shared via the Cloud.

SonicWall Cloud App Security offers next-generation security within cloud applications including email, messaging, file sharing and file storage whilst providing a seamless user experience.

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3. Secure remote access

Discovering new ways to educate students remotely, comes with the daunting task of providing secure mobile access whilst being able to protect networks from cyberattacks.

SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) is a unified secure access gateway, allowing colleges and universities to provide simple user access from any location. SMA can enable universities and colleges to move to the cloud with ease and embrace BYOD and mobility to enhance the educational experience for both students and faculty.

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More Security. More Flexibility. Less Cost

Circle and SonicWall want to help you build the perfect cybersecurity strategy that ensures end-to-end protection for students, faculty and data. We understand that budgets are stretched, but with colleges and universities at an increased risk of cyber-attacks, it is more important than ever to enhance security measures. We have created a suite of pricing bundles across our portfolio to keep colleges or universities secured whilst offering significant cost savings.

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