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A step toward back to ‘normal’

Enable the toolsets from Microsoft to help you be ready to return to the workplace with confidence.


Enable the toolsets from Microsoft to help you be ready to return to the workplace with confidence.

Join Circle IT and Valto for an event aimed at helping organisation return to work through the utilisation of Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate from Microsoft.

Life returning to ‘normal’ as we have previously known it, is undoubtedly a way off. However, transitioning into a ‘new normal’ could be just around the corner. With restrictions easing and people starting to get back to work, making sure that everyone in your organisation has the tools they need for a safe workplace is vital.

Microsoft’s new ‘return to the workplace’ solution, gives you exactly that. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform with Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate, Microsoft’s return-to-the-workplace solution streamlines everything you need to ensure the safety of your people. Using 4 main modules, the software enables you to safely manage every stage and phase of your organisations return to the workplace.

Who is this event for?

If you are considering or already have Microsoft 365, then this event could help you utilise the toolsets that are available to you from Microsoft to help manage the return to the workplace during COVID-19. Whether you’re a business owner or an IT tech, we will run you through these applications and how they can be help you return to work safely and manage the process.

Circle IT & Valto Office365 specialists will present an overview of these solutions and demonstrate how they could help you manage the return to work process utilising the toolsets that are available to you as part of the Microsoft 365 solution.

At the end of the presentation you will have chance to ask your questions to our specialists during the FREE consultancy Q&A session.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of the solution
  • Location Readiness Dashboard
  • Return to Workplace
  • Facility & Location Management
  • Workplace Care Management
  • Licensing Requirements

Bringing it all together

A demo of how all three applications can enable you to manage the return to work process, safely.



Ask our experts any questions you have about the tools or webinar.

We look forward to seeing!

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