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How to utilise the modern workplace and the cloud to adapt to post COVID challenges in Housing Associations

With guests from Welsh Housing Associations, we will discuss a range of challenges, opportunities and solutions for Housing Associations adapting to modern workplace challenges and the changes to working environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

welsh housing associations event

This will be a seminar-style event, with various speakers, including professionals from Cardiff Community Housing Association and Dundee University.

Nigel Lee, from Cardiff Community Housing Association, will be discussing common challenges within the sector and how you can overcome these.


An introduction to Circle

An overview of Circle.

  • The business focus for the future
  • How we work with HA’s and references

Challenges facing Housing Associations

Our guest speaker, Nigel Lee, from Cardiff Community Housing Association will discuss common challenges facing the sector alongside Circle's Roger Harry.

We will discuss a range of challenges, including remote working, collaboration and communication and then go in how to overcome these

Considerations on how to best manage your security

Data is vitally important, so we will be going through various points ow you can ensure your organisation's data is as safe as possible with a plan. Our own Cloud Solutions Architect, Mark Allford, will be talking you through the following:

  • How do you protect your data?
  • Understanding your security posture
  • Eliminate data leakage across your organisation

How to plan and price a cloud infrastructure migration

For a start, we will explain - what is infrastructure migration? You will be given an overview so you can fully appreciate the topic and use this in your strategy moving forward. Gavin Forrest, our Principle Infrastructure Architect will explain the ins and outs and cover off the following points.

  • What is a cloud-adoption strategy?
  • Enable effective delivery of cloud services with a Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Public cloud pricing de-mystified
  • How do you manage and monitor costs in a public cloud?

Your transformation starts here.