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4 Simple Steps to Optimise the PC Lifecycle

PC as a Service offers the business-ready hardware, workforce-enabling software and flexible financing options your business needs to thrive.

4 Simple Steps to Optimise the PC Lifecycle

A variety of goods and consumer products have become available ‘as a service’ in recent years, from music streaming to mobile devices. Circle IT have rolled out our own ‘as a service’ procurement model, with Dell EMC at the forefront. Built with the end-user’s convenience in mind PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one all-encompassing solution – providing a single, predictable price per seat per month.

This new model differs from traditional leasing in numerous key ways that make them beneficial to you, the consumer.

  • Firstly, the prospect of converting device procurement from a capital to an operational expenditure will appeal to many. Companies can remove the large up-front cost of hardware purchases and replace them with a fixed and predictable monthly cost, allowing for easy and convenient budget planning. The ‘as a service’ model also does away with the need to forecast future hardware purchases, as regular device refreshes are included in the service plan.
  • The second benefit of the ‘as a service’ model and a key differentiator to traditional hardware leasing is the inclusion of deployment and managed support services. Circle IT can include software for security and asset management, as well as tools to automate the troubleshooting and resolution process for system issues. If you have an in-house IT team, this will alleviate day-to-day technical support and allow the team to focus on more strategic projects that drive innovation and business development.
  • A further benefit for your business is the flexibility of the model, allowing businesses to flex up, flex down or upgrade mid-term according to your business needs. As your organisation grows, you can procure more devices month-on-month to reflect your changing needs. New devices can be configured and deployed with minimal effort.

The IDC conducted a global study of 3500+ IT leaders and found that companies of all sizes are considering an ‘as a service’ procurement model to reduce costs, shorten refresh cycles and provide their employees with better equipment. They have already found a positive reception to ‘PC as a service’, finding that of those who have adopted the model, 33.3% of those surveyed said they were able to better match system performance with user’s needs whilst 29% said they were able to source lower-cost hardware. The proven benefits of the model suggest that all businesses should be considering whether they would benefit from a procurement model offering greater flexibility to changing business needs, cost predictability and support and maintenance services.

By partnering with Circle IT and Dell EMC, you can reduce PC lifecycle management and service costs by up to 25%.

Download our fact sheet for 4 simple steps to optimise the PC lifecycle.

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