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5 Security Tips for a Secure Online Infrastructure...

Don’t let lack of preparation bring your network down. Follow these 5 tips for a secure online infrastructure.

5 Security Tips for a Secure Online Infrastructure...

Whether you are introducing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy or plan on becoming a complete Internet of Things dream, you need to be protected. One single device has the potential to compromise your whole network.

There isn’t a perfect method as all businesses are different, but by following these 5 tips you will be off to a great start:

1: Be well equipped – Create a barrier to keep intruders away from your network by using a solid firewall. You will need one that can grow with your business and perform at optimum levels at all times.

2: Be selective – If you have sensitive data, only give access to it to those who really need to. In terms of storage, sensitive information should be stored in a separate system.

3: Watch out - You should be the first to know if your network is at risk. By monitoring endpoints you can ensure that individual devices are not spreading malware. Thus stopping your complete network from being compromised by a single device.

4: Take Cover –Your data can be concealed from intruders who may access your network. Encrypt your sensitive data so that unwanted visitors cannot access your private files easily.

5: Be Prepared – With a disaster recovery plan in place the inevitable attack can be stopped and prevent causing complete damage to your network. Your organisations future will depend on how well you planned for recovery

In summary, security should be your number one priority. Your system need to work for your company and should protect your data. When purchasing the latest technology make sure you consider any security risks and how to overcome them before making your next move.

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