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5 things you should know when running an IT Network

Circle IT CEO Roger Harry says these 5 questions will help you plan your next move… How well do you know your Network?

5 things you should know when running an IT Network

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In order to know what needs to be done for your network to be a solid one, it is important that you understand the requirements from your organisation. Circle IT CEO Roger Harry says these 5 questions will help you plan your next move…

1. How much load is running through your network?

This can be monitored with management tools that are widely available, such as Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor; you could also consider outsourcing this process. But, if your switches are unmanageable then you won’t be able to measure your network’s load.

2. When did you last perform an audit to find out how your network is running?

It is essential to keep an eye on how your network is running. If you don’t know when your network was last audited, download Solarwinds' NPM trial right now to see how it’s coping - and carry one auditing your network regularly.

3. When you purchased more wireless access points, did you consider the existing wired infrastructure?

Your network must fit with your infrastructure such as hardware and other peripherals. We have seen it countless times where organisations acquire new wireless equipment without checking that their network is actually capable of managing such a load.

4. After your organisations significant growth, do you plan to continue growing? And do you plan to changeover to the cloud?

If so, then you need to ensure that your network won’t restrict your expansion. If your network is no longer fit for purpose you should install one that provides the flexibility to add to your infrastructure as and when required as you continue to grow as an organisation.

5. How old are your switches? What is their capacity?

If you don’t know how your network is doing, you won’t know how much load it can manage. The capability of your network will determine how often your switches should be replaced. Over-subscribed switches can cause slow application processing and data processing problems.

How many questions could you answer?

5/5 3/5 0-2/5

If you are able to answer all of the above questions, congratulations! It looks like your network is in good shape.

If you could only answer three questions you can certainly do better! Your network needs reviewing immediately.

If you answered less than three questions, it’s not looking good. You should call for help and revive your network.

Your IT infrastructure is built on the foundation that is your network, you mustn’t ignore it; your whole organisation relies on it, after all. Your network must be in top condition so it is crucial that you continue to monitor and take care of it.

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