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100% of students recommend Circle for work experience

remote work experience

Throughout July and August Circle have been working in partnership with Cardiff University to deliver work experience and insights to their students within multiple disciplines;

  • Project Management
  • HR
  • Sales & Marketing
  • IT Services.

With the current working situation due to COVID-19, offering students to same ‘in-office’ experience wouldn’t have been possible, however, we still wanted to ensure that they were able to gain valuable insight into their chosen field.

Initially planned as face to face work experience, our approach was adapted using the tools we had to offer the next best thing. Using our Microsoft teams platform, our Mangers were able to interact with students like they would with their colleagues. Teams enabled regular catch-ups using video call – a simple action that made a big difference. Being able to see and interact with the students, not only allowed Managers to better support them but also offered a chance to get to know them and make the experience more enjoyable. To video call without the need for students to have teams on their laptops and use the chat function supported collaboration even when not physically in the office together. Our managers and Cardiff University’s team and students have responded positively to this change and we are proud of what we’ve achieved.

We have received excellent feedback from students who have conducted remote insight sessions with us and have received a 100% recommendation rate of gaining work experience with us. We look forward to welcoming additional students who will be taking part in our insights in the weeks to come.

“I am grateful to have gained valuable knowledge from this insight that I can apply to both my studies and my daily life.”

“The experience gave me a valuable, first-hand insight into life as a project manager.”

“I really recommend getting work experience with Circle IT and hope to join Circle IT in one day.”

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