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Authenticity in the workplace - Why is it important?

Creating a company culture that allows your people to thrive encourages efficiency and productivity in the workplace. At Circle we are proud to promote authenticity throughout our organisation, allowing our people to feel comfortable in the workplace.

Authenticity in the workplace - Why is it important?

Over the past few years, the employment market has become more competitive than ever, so, as employers, we need to work with our people to make sure that their working environment is somewhere they see themselves for a long time!

Working in the technology sector has always meant seeking highly skilled people to join our team. However, this has become increasingly harder as the job market undergoes significant change. This is why we pride ourselves on our authenticity, allowing our people to feel comfortable in the workplace as their true selves.

What is authenticity?

Authenticity at work is when employees feel safe, secure, and comfortable showing up as their whole selves. To fully show up authentically, employees need a deep sense of belonging and psychological safety within their organisation.

Being authentic at work means that people can be 100% themselves and feel accepted for who they are by their colleagues.

Why is it important in the workplace?

Confidence - If you’re being yourself at work and aren’t trying to wear a mask, you’ll be confident in your opinions and the work you deliver. Being open about your values and inner thoughts will allow you to speak without restraint and make sound decisions quickly, based on your internal stand point.

Productivity - Feeling more happier and more confident at work within yourself can allow you to be more productive, allowing you to hit your goals and go above expectations.

Satisfaction - Being your true self in your career means that your work will align optimally with your interests, skills and values. Your career will excite you and challenges will engage you.

Collaboration - These traits will make it much easier for colleagues and clients to trust you and build relationships of substance with you. When you’re comfortable sharing your true self with others, they are more likely to open up and do the same with you – creating true connections with those around you. This can massively help when working with others on different tasks, projects etc as you have built strong relationships within the workplace.

Success - Working in this environment allows our people to feel motivated and eager to achieve too. Our people are super hard working and that never goes unnoticed, we'd like to think authenticity plays a special part in this.

How do we encourage this in Circle?

At Circle, our people are our most important asset, so exceeding their employer's expectations has always been our goal. We provide our people with learning and development opportunities, freedom and the support needed to achieve their very best.

We have a range of employee reward and recognition programmes across our organisation to encourage our people to feel appreciated in the workplace. We also encourage our people to provide us with constant feedback on how we are as an employer through peakon.

Over the last year, we have noticed more people looking beyond the benefit of pay to see the bigger picture when joining an organisation. Overall, people want to be a part of a team that encourages their personal growth and allows them to be a part of the bigger picture, whilst implementing flexible working strategies through hybrid working. This is what we aim to deliver at Circle to encourage a positive working environment for every person in our organisation, which is why we are emphasising the importance of authenticity in the workplace.

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