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Be Ready For The 'New Normal'

With restrictions easing and people starting to get back to work, making sure that everyone in your organisation has the tools they need for a safe workplace is vital.

Microsoft return to work

Make sure you have the tools you need to return to work

Life returning to ‘normal’ as we have previously known it, is undoubtedly a way off. However, transitioning into a ‘new normal’ could be just around the corner. With restrictions easing and people starting to get back to work, making sure that everyone in your organisation has the tools they need for a safe workplace is vital.

Microsoft’s new ‘return to the workplace’ solution, gives you exactly that. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform with Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate, Microsoft’s return-to-the-workplace solution streamlines everything you need to ensure the safety of your people. Using 4 main modules, the software enables you to safely manage every stage and phase of your organisations return to the workplace.

Location Readiness Dashboard

A bespoke dashboard populated with information relevant to you shows the critical information that can help you make informed decisions about whether your workplace is safe to open. The dashboard includes up to date metrics based on your location, including the number of COVID-19 new cases per day and fatality cases per day. It also provides the reproductive number (a key measure of how fast the virus is growing or decreasing, showing the average number of people who are infected) and a percentage score of your readiness to open. Look at the insights from a certain area by hovering over the location on an interactive map. So, if you have offices or workplaces in various locations, you can look in detail at the surrounding areas to assess whether to return.

Return To Workplace

This enables you to keep your people safe and productive with self-service tools they can use to check into work remotely and self-screen before entering facilities. With a simple to use app, they can check to see whether they are healthy to enter the workplace. If they are, then they will be given a pass for that day. If they seem unwell or have symptoms, they won't receive a pass and will be given contact information for your health and safety department to use if needed. This helps to make sure that you can provide a safe working environment when people return to the workplace.

Facility and Location Management

The facility management aspect can give you confidence that you are ready for a safe reopening. Monitor the occupancy of each location, health supplies, safety procedures and any other best practice processes to maintain a safe place for your people to work. Check and manage all aspects of each workplace or location, to ensure that you are maintaining all safety measure, but more importantly if these measures are working.

Workplace Care Management

Give you and your health and safety leaders the tools needed to actively manage COVID-19 cases and the surrounding risks. You can identify hot spots for safety improvement and import data from contact tracing systems to determine exposure. So, you can always see an overall picture to best manage the safety of your workplace. The Location Readiness dashboard enables monitoring of all the data from the Workplace Care Management app giving access to all the data you need.

Licensing requirements

Power Apps license

Power BI Premium or Power BI Pro license, if you'll be using the Power BI dashboard that's available as part of this solution

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