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Circle at DattoCon 2018 – Austin, Texas

Head of Sales and Marketing, Martyn John, made the journey to Austin, Texas to attend the sell-out technology conference

Circle at DattoCon 2018 – Austin, Texas

Last week, Head of Sales and Marketing, Martyn John, attended DattoCon in Austin, Texas. DattoCon is a technology partner conference hosted by Datto, who Circle IT work with to provide business continuity and disaster recovery systems to customers. More than 1,500 Datto partners attended the conference from 25 countries.

During DattoCon 2018 several additions to Datto’s storage, networking, and business management capabilities were unveiled. The new announcements included:

  • Rapid Rollback - an innovation for restoring file systems after major undesirable changes have happened without the requirement for reimaging the total server.
  • Advanced Backup Verification - a series of automated checks of backed-up applications and data to ensure they will work during a restoration.
  • Autotask iOS App - Datto has made some significant enhancements to its newly-acquired Autotask PSA technology including the introduction of a new iOS mobile app.
  • Datto networking mobile app - this will help make it quicker and easier to manage networks, view and monitor access points, switches and clients while on the go.
  • Direct To Cloud – this will enable multi-path synchronisation of image-based data with no need for an intermediary appliance.

Martyn John was pleased to have made the trip. He said:

DattoCon 2018 has been of great benefit which Circle IT and our customers will be able to benefit from in the coming months.

Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, took to the stage at the conference to deliver the closing keynote, where he took the audience of MSPs through some of his life adventures and stories and gave his best advice for business success.

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