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Circle join the GlobalWelsh community as Business Pioneers

“Passionate about Being Welsh and growing the Welsh economy and showing all others what a great place it is.”

Circle join the GlobalWelsh community as Business Pioneers

GlobalWelsh is a not-for-profit community of individuals and businesses, where opportunities and new ideas are created to develop the lives of Welsh people all over the world. Their mission is to bring together 1 million Welsh people and friends of Wales from all around the world. GlobalWelsh are helping Wales prosper by establishing the first truly global Welsh community. A community where knowledge can be shared, like-minded people can connect and open amazing opportunities for Wales and its future.

Circle IT are excited to join the initiative as a Pioneer and to be a part of the community which is allowing Wales to reach its full potential. We are looking forward to strengthening our Welsh connections in Wales and around the world. We are proud to be a homegrown business based in Wales and are passionate about being Welsh.

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