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Circle Join Time to Change Pledge Wales

Circle join the pledge to end mental health discrimination.

circle join time to change wales pledge

We are proud to have officially joined over 180 other employers in changing the way we think and act about mental health at work.

We are committed to the health an wellbeing of our people which is why we view joining Time to Change Wales as an essential step for Circle.

Time to change wales pledge
Our Head of People, Jen, happily signing our pledge!

About 4 years ago we noticed an increase in the number of conversations we were having around mental health at Circle, so we knew this was an area we needed to focus on.

The Time to Change Wales pledge is a public declaration that an organisation wants to step up to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. It isn’t a quality mark, accreditation or endorsement. You just have to commit to taking actions that are realistic and right for you that will lead to a reduction in discrimination within your organisation and the wider community.

We have always been an action focused employer and looked at what we could do to support our people. Having already created an employee assistance program, training mental health first aiders and running wellbeing months and weeks to highlight the importance of the topic, we wanted to do more to make a difference. So, we decided to join the Time to Change Wales pledge to demonstrate our commitment as an employer in ending the stigma around mental health.

Our objectives

  • Remove barriers to seeking support
  • Remove the stigma of talking about it
  • Educate frontline managers to support employees
  • Provide the right support at the right time

Your transformation starts here.