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Circle partners with Ecologi to support challenges around climate change

Every day is earth day and that's why we're creating our Circle forest with Ecologi to help tackle climate change.

Circle Partners with Ecologi

At the end of last year we announced that we are going carbon neutral, to contribute to this pledge we will now be planting 50 trees for every new person who joins us and every managed support customer we onboard.

Many of us are aware that tree planting has become one of the best ways to help prevent climate crises and reduce CO2 emissions. We want to be a part of this. That's why we've created our forest with Ecologi.

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Who are Ecologi?

Ecologi was initially founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, due to the disappointment that so many of us don't take the issues surrounding climate change seriously.

They aim to provide organisations with multiple climate solutions. From net-zero to large impact projects across the globe.

So far they have managed to plant 40.4 million trees and reduce 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 by routinely planting 100,000 trees a day and funding dozens of climate solutions. In their "2021 Impact Report" they announced that this community can have a huge impact, reducing equivalent to 0.02% of the world’s total emissions.

They aim to reduce half of the world’s projected emissions by 2040.

Our pledge

Our goal is to provide services that have a minimal impact on the environment and to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

We have always been dedicated to sustainability and care about the environment, last year we even managed to remove 15 bags of waste from our local community in our litter picks throughout Plastic Free July.

So, to celebrate the end of "Earth Month", we are now pledging that we will plant 50 trees per new person and managed support customer that joins our Circle family.

By utilising the Ecologi platform we aim to get our people and customers excited about supporting climate change and provide regular updates on the impact our forest is having across the globe.

With this, we also aim to educate our people on why this cause is so important to be a part of and how they can make a difference.

You can check out how our forest is coming along, here

We’ve had a dream since the start, so we are setting our sights on one day reducing half of the world’s projected emissions by 2040. That’s a big vision. We know that. But it is possible.

Lucy Jack, Cofounder, Ecologi

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