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Circle win SonicWall's "Enterprise Partner of the Year"

Today SonicWall announced their “FY22 Security Awards” and we are delighted to announce that we were named “Enterprise Partner of the Year”.

Circle win SonicWall's "Enterprise Partner of the Year"

These awards recognise partners who work tirelessly to help safeguard customers whilst leveraging SonicWall solutions and providing unmatched customer service to protect them against cybercrime.

We have been working with a range of enterprise customers for many years now, including top universities such as Cardiff University and the University of Dundee, to deliver transformative IT solutions that enable them to provide the best service to their people and students. We work closely with them to create tailored solutions that are streamlined, efficient and secure to deliver their idyllic IT strategy that protects their institutions against cybercrime. So, to be recognised with this award is a fantastic achievement for us.

We are proud to have our hard work within the Enterprise sector recognised and are grateful for the consistent effort from our people to make this possible. We remain dedicated to providing this service to all our customers and ensuring that they have the best IT infrastructure to keep them secure against rising cyber threats.

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