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Cyber Security Awareness Month

October marks Cyber Security Awareness Month, with the aim to urge more organisations to take cyber security and the risk of attacks more seriously. To recognise the importance of this, our Cyber Security expert has addressed key security trends, challenges and recommendations to help you with solidifying your security posture.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber security is and always should be a top priority for organisations. With cybercriminals becoming more calculated, we need to ensure that we are regularly assessing our security posture and following the latest recommendations from the NCSC to ensure we are compliant with security regulations and are protected against the latest attacks.

Our Information Security Manager, Greg Nott, regularly assesses cyber security trends and threats to ensure that our organisation and our customers are always protected and are following any advice that has been recommended by our partners and top cyber security firms. We want to help your organisations be cyber-aware, so we have shared our insight below.

The importance of cyber security

More than 80% of UK organisations experienced a successful attack in 2021/2022, as cybercriminals become more calculated protecting your organisation against cyber threats should be a top priority.

Those of us that work in cyber are aware of the risks it presents, but security isn't an issue just for the IT team, it should be a priority for the entire organisation as we are all responsible for keeping our organisations protected.

Initiatives such as the UK Cyber Force and the NCSC work tirelessly to emphasise the importance of security within our organisations, highlighting key areas that are at risk from cybercriminals.

Yet, security is still being seen as a bottom-of-the-list priority, with only 8.8% of IT budgets being allocated to cyber security. Whilst most organisations have put security systems in place, many believe that this is where their job ends. We need to ensure these systems are regularly updated, they are the right fit for your organisation and that your people are aware of the risks of attacks.

With attacks rising year-on-year and attackers becoming more inventive in their approach, we need to ensure that our security posture is built with the best and that we recognise that security is all of our responsibility.

Our insight

Over the last few months, Greg has put together several articles that cover key cybersecurity challenges that face our organisations. These include Insider Threat Management, The Anatomy of a Security Alert and Phishing Attacks bypassing MFA.

In recognition of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we have condensed Greg's key findings throughout the year and put them into an insight report. This report aims to support your organisation with your cyber security challenges, present the risks that face your organisation and recommendations on how you can perfect your cyber security strategy.

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The risks of cyberattacks continue to grow

We have summarised the key trends and challenges from Greg throughout 2022 and provided our insight in our latest Cyber Security Awareness Report.

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