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Cyber security predictions for the future

The cyber security industry has grown significantly over the past few years in response to the increasing amount of security threats that face businesses. So, regularly assessing the threat vector and latest cyber security trends is vital to keeping our organisations secure.

Cyber security predictions for the future

More than 80% of UK organisations experienced a successful attack in 2021/2022, as cybercriminals become more calculated protecting your organisation against cyber threats should be a top priority. Whilst most organisations have put security systems in place, many believe that this is where their job ends. By staying on top of the latest cyber trends, we can ensure our organisations are secure.

Recently, leading tech research organisation, Gartner, shared their predictions for the cyber security industry over the next 4 years. Our Information Security Manager, Greg Nott has summarised the key messages from their update below.

By 2025, 80% of organisations will unify web & cloud services from a single Security Service Edge platform

As more services move to the cloud, organisations will be forced to consolidate security to ease the management of numerous providers and, critically, reduce their third-party risk exposure. As important as ‘traditional’ security technology such as Firewalls, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) or Network Access Control solutions still are, protecting our cloud platforms requires something more.

If you haven’t already heard the terms Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) or Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) you soon will… but beware. As was seen with the advent of cloud technology many vendors will ‘sell the dream' to take advantage of the lack of awareness around new tech. Few will implement it properly. It is all the more critical to partner with an organisation that will take a holistic approach to your security across various platforms and technologies.

Moreso than ever before Circle, as a part of the Arrow Group, is ideally placed to provide the support needed to implement new technologies appropriately and correctly, the first time.

60% of organisations will embrace Zero Trust but half of those will fail to realise the benefits through poor implementation

Vendor hype will overshadow technical reality leading to organisations jumping on the bandwagon, but not linking to their business objectives.

To realise the full benefits of Zero Trust organisations will need to realise that there is no single technology solution; Zero Trust is a framework. As a vendor-agnostic provider, and trusted advisor, Circle are ready to deliver this to our customers.

60% of organisations will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in conducting 3rd party transactions and business engagements

Gartner predicts that the cybersecurity risk of doing business with an organisation will carry equal importance to the actual product/services being negotiated in the first place.

This will mean more organisations across more industry sectors will be expected to take a more mature security posture before customers will do business with them… and be able to prove it. You may be asked to satisfy bespoke security requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Many organisations (wrongly…) see security as only an IT consideration. If this prediction holds true, security will become a commercial consideration for many businesses.

As a Managed Service Provider, independently accredited to the highest standards we know exactly what is required to be able to dynamically react to the requirements of our customers and their customers beyond that.

30% of nations will pass legislation on ransomware by 2025

Amongst other things, such legislation would govern how victims would be expected to behave in response to a ransomware attack, akin to it being illegal to negotiate with terrorists in the US.

This would force organisations to be better prepared to respond to a ransomware attacker, with Gartner suggesting retainers for Incident Response/Ransomware Response providers becoming commonplace.

Again, this needs to be an essential consideration when selecting your technology partner and their ability to provide not only the suitable systems but the right services & support, when you need it. In future, it could be a legal requirement.

By 2026, 50% of C-Level executives will have performance requirements related to risk built into their employment contracts

Naturally, we would advocate that everyone, at all levels, takes information security seriously. With everyone getting involved and pulling in the right direction, we can all help to protect ourselves and each other. The overarching theme of this prediction – and the other predictions – is that many organisations will be forced into taking their security more seriously.

By constantly staying at the cutting edge of the industry and partnering with the right technology providers, we are committed to providing the most secure management systems for ourselves and our customers.

Prepare for the future with our cyber security solutions

We work with award-winning partners including Aruba, Microsoft and PureCyber to create cyber security solutions that are best suited to your organisation, so you’re secure in the knowledge that the solutions we propose are genuinely in your best interest.

We can also provide cyber essentials accreditations, penetration testing, and a 24/7 managed Security Operations Centre to support your ongoing cyber-security activity so that you can be at ease knowing your organisation is secure.

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