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Flexible Working: What you need to make your business vision a reality

In today’s always connected world it’s best to keep up with your employees’ expectations and see your company’s productivity rocket!

Flexible Working: What you need to make your business vision a reality

The influx of portable devices and the cloud now allows anyone to communicate and work together from anywhere in the world. Learn how your business can benefit from implementing a flexible working environment and how to get started.

Small businesses and start-ups can certainly benefit from flexible working by avoiding the overhead caused by paying out for office space, equipment and furniture.

Other benefits of flexible working includes a happier and more productive workforce which derives from improved working conditions. Flexible working also presents a more direct financial impact. Working from home can be useful when staff are unwell, allowing colleagues to continue to work together from different locations.

With all these benefits and more, how can you say no?!

What you need to do:

You will need a strong wireless network that is able to manage large amounts of traffic. Servers and storage networks need to be remotely accessed, these need to be optimised to allow this.

There is software available that allows colleagues to collaborate from separate locations over the internet such as Microsoft Office 365.

You may also consider whether your company would benefit from a private cloud – if this is favourable you will also need to ensure you have the correct type of security to ensure you are protected at all times.

Introducing a flexible working environment into your workplace is a long term investment in your business and your employees.

Nowadays, people are accustomed with communicating / sharing information with others outside the office or house therefore these expectations from your employees need to be met to keep productivity and morale high.

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