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The Latest Ransomware Attack: Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Tuesday 24th October: "Bad Rabbit" ransomware attack hit Russian media outlets and large organisations in Ukraine.

The Latest Ransomware Attack: Bad Rabbit Ransomware

What Is Bad Rabbit Ransomware?

Earlier this week a new ransomware attack hit Russia, Ukraine and spread even further throughout the day on Tuesday, 24th October. Bad Rabbit Ransomware was identified following attacks on Russian media outlets and large organisations in Ukraine, it also made its way into Western Europe and the United States.

The ransomware was installed via bogus Adobe Flash updates and is believed to have come from the same creator as the NotPetya outbreak which surfaced back in June this year. Both attacks share some of the same coding and their component usage is identical.

How Can I Stop Ransomware Like Bad Rabbit?

Avoid downloading any updates that you are unsure of. If you are a managed customer of Circle IT’s, we can push updates out via our managed agents and systems. Circle IT work with leading security providers like Webroot, who replaces traditional reactive antivirus with a proactive real-time endpoint monitoring and threat intelligence approach, defending each endpoint individually while gathering, analysing, and reporting threat data collectively.

General recommendations for everybody include:

  • Be on guard for spam email and avoid suspicious sites and downloads
  • Back up files often
  • Apply all patches to operating systems
  • Protect your PCs with an up-to-date anti-virus software
  • Promote good password policies
  • Ensure firewall and end-point firmware is up to date
  • Implement a network sandbox to discover and mitigate new threats
  • Deploy a next-generation firewall with a gateway security subscription to stop known threats

Check out our WannaCry Infographic to find out more about avoiding ransomware attacks.

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