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Next Generation Storage

Maximise storage capacity, increase storage performance, and cut management overhead time.

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As a Dell Platinum partner, we are excited to announce Dell PowerStore. The next generation of storage, enabling your organisation to increase operational efficiency and cut costs.

  • 6-9s availability
  • Designed around next generation technology
  • Always-on inline data reduction
  • Plug-ins for VMware, Kubernetes and Ansible for IT and DevOps
  • Deploy in DataCenter, at the Edge or as part of a multi-cloud strategy
Dell EMC PowerStore
why powerstore

What Is Dell PowerStore?

Dell EMC PowerStore is the new mid-range storage appliance, developed with users in mind using the latest technologies to deliver the performance, availability, security, flexibility, and ease of use that modern applications need.

PowerStore, with new container-based architecture, aims to support all types of data with less complexity, greater agility, intelligence, automation, and cost efficiency across hybrid cloud deployments.

This new storage solution is based on a versatile scale-up and out platform, which utilises Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, as well as today’s most advanced storage technologies (including NVMe Flash and dual-ported Intel® OptaneTM SSDs and always-on inline data reduction).

Using powerful analytics, automation and active resource balancing, PowerStore enhances performance and significantly reduces management overhead costs.

why powerstore

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Why PowerStore?

Dell PowerStore has been developed to benefit the user and support individual organisation's requirements.


Designed for 6-9s Availability. Proactive Health Analytics using Machine Learning


Designed around next-gen innovation's such as NVMe and Intel Optane SSD as Storage Class Memory for maximum performance


Always-on inline data reduction for guaranteed efficiency


Plug-ins for VMware, Kubernetes and Ansible for IT and DevOps


Deploy in DataCenter, at the Edge or as part of a multi-cloud strategy

Pay as you grow

Pay as you grow and flex on-demand metered usage

Why Circle?

When you work with us, you don't get an IT supplier but partner with your best interest in mind. We look at your organisation as a whole, working with you to find the best solution to match what you need now and to support your future goals.

Long and short of it - is this right for you? If not, then we will find the right solution for you.

As a Dell Platinum partner, we have vast experience deploying Dell storage solutions, whilst scaling and sizing them perfectly for each individual project. It is true that various providers will supply Dell PowerStore, however, what they won't do is ensure that you get the full value of your investment. A Circle, this comes as standard.

Don't take our word for it

‘Circle help us to drive innovation and offers solutions to our technology challenges. Circle IT has a great breadth of technical skills to provide solutions and support, plus new IT technology we may be interested in implementing. They really understand and share our culture and values and they work alongside us to provide a first-class service to the UKTV user community.’

Noel Ryan, Service Delivery Manager, UKTV

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