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IT solutions for law firms that focus on security, reliability and accessibility.

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With close to 20 years in business, we understand the confidential nature of the legal industry and regulatory requirements.

We provide a range of IT solutions that safeguard your firm's reputation, provide secure access to case files and maximise billable hours.

Working in partnership with leading technology vendors such as Microsoft, HPE Aruba and Dell Technologies, we provide end-to-end and fully supported legal IT solutions and services that keep you compliant and ahead of the competition.

Delivering leading IT solutions for law firms with:

  • Cloud technologies to increase productivity and collaboration, maximising billable time
  • Communication solutions that provide secure, instant access to important client and case data, from any location and device
  • Secure data storage, access and back-up services with encryption of data both at rest and in motion
  • Project management from conception, with easy access to support

At Circle, we tailor-make solutions to match the needs of your organisation. So, we offer a vast range of services to ensure we provide the right solution for you.

Looking at your security?

Cyber security is a critical challenge facing all organisations. Cybercrime is consistently adapting to new technology and is therefore more sophisticated than ever. So, it’s important to protect your firm’s information and systems. Our levels of assurance packages comply with the Law Society's cyber security recommendations and best practice. We also offer a full independent security audit of all of your IT systems to test for any vulnerabilities so you know exactly what you need.

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Why choose Circle?

We understand the unique challenges faced by the legal industry. And, with nearly 20 years in business, we tailor our solutions to provide the services your firm needs most. You require quick access to confidential client data, while also meeting strict legal compliance laws. Through our strategic consultancy we’ll identify the technology issues that hold you back and design a secure solution that improves the flow of information around your company. Start streamlining and securing your processes today.

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