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People focused and highly secure IT solutions that streamline and enhance your manufacturing processes.

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When your technology isn’t working as it should, your bottom line is quickly impacted through lost productivity.

Working in partnership with leading technology vendors, we offer a range of IT services that deliver reliable and highly secure technology platforms that’ll transform the way you work.

Delivering leading IT solutions for manufacturers with:

  • Cloud and hybrid IT solutions that minimise the need for on-site hardware
  • Collaboration tools that improve efficiency and enable your people to communicate securely anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Secure, resilient and reliable network solutions that allow you to maximise production time
  • High-capacity data centre storage, archiving and document retrieval
  • Enhanced data protection and security with conditional access management and encryption of sensitive data, both at rest and in motion

At Circle, we tailor-make solutions to match the needs of your organisation. So, we offer a vast range of services to ensure we provide the right solution for you.

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We’ve been providing innovative manufacturing IT solutions for nearly 20 years. Our experience and dedication ensure we deliver affordable systems that’ll transform your manufacturing processes. Save time and money with increased productivity and the help of our people focused team.

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