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Circle cyber security event

We recently held a Cyber Security event at our HQ. We discussed the latest cyber security trends, raised awareness around the latest threats, and advised best practices to bolster these threats and strengthen security posture.

Circle cyber security event

Cyber Security is a concern for all organisations and whilst we may sound like a broken record, many organisations are yet to put the right Cyber Security infrastructure in place to protect their organisations.

With experts from Wolfberry, SonicWall and Zadara, as well as our very own Microsoft expert, the day consisted of dissecting each layer of security and highlighting the importance of having a layered approach to security no matter the size or sector.

Lucky for you, we recorded the whole thing

So, if you missed out on our event and want to know more about how you can improve your organisation's Cyber Security strategy, you can access the full event recording now below.

Click here

Interested in strengthening your cyber strategy?