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Your network is essentially the plumbing that allows your organisation to transfer information from one place to another.

Your data needs to be able to flow without leaking out or getting contaminated.

And while we might not know a stopcock from a check valve, we are experts in building water-tight networks that meet the needs of all businesses of all different shapes and sizes.

Your network underpins everything

Without it an organisation grinds to a halt. But beyond the obvious, there’s plenty of benefits to investing in a network that’s tailored to your needs.

Solutions driven by problems, not products

Our Circle team brings a breadth and depth of experience to every project. We have expertise and accreditations across a wide range of technologies. And though we are partner aligned, we are entirely solution and technology agnostic – what matters is that we find the right solution to your problem and the technology is fit for purpose.

Our approach to network services

So, how do you make sure it’s fit for purpose when everything is constantly changing?

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your needs in the here and now and plan for the future. We know that nothing stays the same forever – your goals and aspirations change, and so does the technology that enables them – so, we put continuous improvement at the heart of our approach.

  • Discovery – We’ll work with your team to understand your current system and pain points.
  • Analysis – Taking the results of our discovery phase, as well as your business and technical requirements, we’ll run a comparison against your aspirations to understand the network’s limitations.
  • Design - Based on the results of our detailed analysis, we’ll design a bespoke network that suits your organisation’s needs.
  • Build – We’ll work with the appropriate partners and solution providers, as well as your in-house team if you have one, to bring the design to life and implement it on a schedule that suits you.
  • Operate – We’ll ensure the network remains always-on, up-to-date, and secure by either creating a roadmap and conducting a thorough handover to your team, or by delivering ongoing managed support.
  • Maintain – As the network matures, we’re on hand to break-fix and to plan for updates, retirement and ultimately replacement.

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